The Lafayette Consolidated Government (LCG) has sponsored an initiative over the last several years to redevelop the City's main traffic artery, Johnston Street. During that time, various citizens have joined with LCG officials in different working groups to study this proposed redevelopment project. The most recent of these groups, known as the Johnston Street Coordinating Team (JSCT), has now developed some preliminary plans and proposals for the project. Those plans and proposals are currently being studied by a committee of the LCG's Metropolitan Planning Organization know as the Transportation Technical Committee (a description of which can be found at this link).

The purpose of this website is to inform interested citizens about those plans and to offer constructive comments and additional ideas to improve upon them; in the form of an alternative approach.


Transforming Johnston Street is possible! Watch the animation below to see the impact if we removed power lines, adopted a Johnston Street specific sign ordinance and added landscaping.

   Click on the picture above for a larger view.

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Let's modernize and beautify Johnston Street. Let's not wait to create the perfect solution. Let's plan a good solution and do it now.

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